A leading manufacturer making history as your partner for success

Through our many years as a supplier to leading OEM companies and end-users alike, we have accumulated an immense base of technological knowledge. From wood products to resins, from nonferrous metals to steel, our expertise covers the diverse field of material processing. In the field of metal processing, we have test user contracts with several companies. Through research and development based on direct and continuous feedback from these processing facilities, we have been able to build our products from the actual users point of view. Capitalizing on our unique know-how and familiarity with all applicable cutting materials, machinery, and processing, SHINSEI has developed a wide array of cutting tools and earned deep trust and recognition from a variety of industries.

Now blazing the trail toward global brand recognition

The 21st century is the era of global marketing. In the world of industry, the shifting of manufacturing bases to overseas and actions aimed toward procurement of the premium global location are accelerating. With our outlook focused on these global trends, SHINSEI is engaged in dynamic development of our business enterprise, having already secured sales agencies in Korea, Taiwan, Europe and North America as part of our marketing expansion. As we continue to widen our presence in the OEM markets, we also enjoy broad distribution of our own company brand of shaving tools. With our aim to enter the new market of metal processing we have also begun activities to establish a strategic sales base in Southeast Asia and South America. Through the strengthening of our foreign enterprise, we continue to move forward as "a trusted global brand", meeting the needs of various countries around the world.