Capturing attention through the silent testimony of quality.


Since the founding of our company in 1970 we have been engaged in the manufacture and sale of blade tools, holding true to our business philosophy of "capturing attention through the silent testimony of quality." We have arrived where we are today through adherence to high manufacturing standards, fulfillment of needs as they advance and diversify with the age, and continual pursuit of quality and product improvement. We fully attribute our success to the support and patronage of our customers, for which we are deeply grateful. We approach the future ready to adapt to the sweeping changes of the age, yet without loosing sight of the essence of blade tool manufacturing. It is our constant aim to provide further elevation of precision, quality, and stability - uniting staff and equipment to meet the expectations of our customers. We appreciate the continued support we receive, and look forward to all opportunities to serve your needs in the future.


Company Profile

Established:   July, 1973
Capital:   JPY 10,000,000
Representative Director:   Tetsuya Sato
Company Location:   745 Terawaki-Cho,
Hamamatsu City,
Shizuoka, Japan
Business enterprise:   Development,
and sales of cutting tools
Product List:   ▪︎Metal Processing Tools
    ▪︎Wood Processing Tools
・Cutter・Router bit
    ▪︎Diamond Processing Tools
・Cutter・Router bit

Corporate history

1970   Toshiro Sato founds Shinsei Kogyosho in Zudaji-cho, Hamamatsu City.
    Manufactures cutters and routers for woodworking.
1975   Reorganized as Shinsei Kogyosho Co., Ltd.
1980   Reorganized as Shinsei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1987   Introduced an automatic brazing machine made in Germany.
1992   Moved to a new factory (Terawakicho).
    The second generation Mitsuru Sato becomes the representative director.
    Introduced a tip grinding machine with an automatic feeder made in Germany.
2005   Exhibited for the first time at the Woodworking Machinery Exhibition 2005.
    From OEM supply to establishment of own brand.
2007   Exhibited at EMO Hannover (Germany).
    Started exporting to each country and built a partner.
2008   Exhibited at IMTS Chicago, JIMTOF Tokyo, METALEX Bangkok.
2009   Obtained ISO9001 certification.
2012   September Expanded the second factory and expanded the facilities.
2017   June Established a joint venture, Shinsei Thailand, in Bangkok.
2020   Celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding.
    October: Appointed as Representative Director of Tetsuya Sato.

Machinery Equipment List:


  • ❶ NC Surface Grinder
  • ❷ Full Automatic Tension Press Machine
  • ❸ Full Automatic Brazing Machine
  • ❹ Full Automatic Tip Saw Griding Machine
  • ❺ 3D Measuring machine


  • ❶ Full Automatic Tip Saw Grinding Machine
  • ❷ Laser Marking Machine
  • ❸ Micro Scorp


  • ❶ NC Electric Discharge Machine
  • ❷ Universal Tool Grinder
  • ❸ NC Lathe
  • ❹ Lifting board cutting Test Machine

2nd factory

  • ❶ Full Automatic Tip Saw Griding Machine
  • ❷ Micro Scorp
  • ❸ Metal Cutting Test Machine

Our Vision

Achieve fulfillment of customers and employees and enrich society by practicing "Building trust through exceptional craftmanship combined with state of the art machine technology


Our brand logo mark show express our disire to deeper and smooth comucnication with everyone.

So we can provide our genuine product with prcatial provide our client companies with genuine products with practical strength.


Contribute to "SDGs", we keep trying practice to realize of sustainable society through our management.

In order to achieve a prosperous future, we would like to work with our costumers to improve our product and make people happy with the cutting technology that is the very basic point of manufacturing.